The jetspeed-portal-resources:jar artifact

The Jetspeed-2 Portal, as a portal framework, provides many optional features and configuration elements, some of which are used even during the build (and testing) of the Jetspeed-2 Portal project itself.

Additionally, because of the highly customizable configuration of a Jetspeed-2 Portal, not all of its available resources and configuration files are needed nor desired to be used and packaged for each and every target environment.

For these reasons, the Jetspeed-2 Portal project provides pre-packaged resources as a Maven artifact, the jetspeed-portal-resources:jar, which can be used to only selectively use (unpack) needed resources for a specific target (artifact) or integration task.

Important and commonly used resources provided by the jetspeed-portal-resources:jar artifact are:

  • Spring configurations (/assembly)
  • Database schema definitions (/ddl-schema)
  • Pre-generated database ddl scripts (/ddl)
  • Portal and application server property and configurations files (/conf)
  • Predefined minimal and example database initialization data (/seed)

Both the jetspeed-unpack:unpack and jetspeed-db:init plugin can "unpack" selected resources from resource archives like the jetspeed-portal-resources:jar artifact.