Class JSPViewProcessor

  extended byorg.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.viewprocessor.JSPViewProcessor
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class JSPViewProcessor
extends java.lang.Object
implements ViewProcessor

JspViewProcessor - MVC processor for serving jsp files.

The .jsp file location may be specified in two different ways:

  • using the "template" parameter - the JspTemplateService will search portlets and then screens folder to locate the appropriate template. The template must be specifed in the "template" portlet parameter.
  • using relative url - the .jsp template will be served directly bypassing the JspTemplateService. The template must be specifed in the portlet url property. Example: /html/welcome.jsp.

    $Id: $
    Tod Kuebler, Scott Weaver, Mark Orciuch

    Constructor Summary
              Creates a new instance of JSPViewProcessor
    Method Summary
     void init(Portlet portlet)
              Process the template passed in the context (context.get("template")).
     java.lang.Object processView(GenericMVCContext context)
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    Constructor Detail


    public JSPViewProcessor()
    Creates a new instance of JSPViewProcessor

    Method Detail


    public java.lang.Object processView(GenericMVCContext context)
    Specified by:
    processView in interface ViewProcessor


    public void init(Portlet portlet)
    Process the template passed in the context (context.get("template")). Invoked by the GenericMVCPortlet after action handling to process the template type in question.

    Specified by:
    init in interface ViewProcessor

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