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Uses of AbstractInstancePortlet in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets

Subclasses of AbstractInstancePortlet in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets
 class BASICAuthIFramePortlet
          Same as IFramePortlet except that it allows to use basic authentication using current user name and password (or whatever is provided in portlet preferences)
 class BogusPortlet
          Bogus Portlet.
 class CustomizerVelocityPortlet
          This subclass of VelocityPortlet should be used as base portlet for all VelocityPortlets that implement their own customizer
 class FileServerPortlet
          Serve a static URL (typically a HTML fragment)
 class FileWatchPortlet
          Just like AbstractPortlet except that when its URL is modified on disk it automatically expires itself.
 class GenericMVCPortlet
          Provides the basic MVC Portlet functionality independant of any specific view technology (ie jsp, velocity, xslt, etc).
 class IFramePortlet
          A Portlet that displays the contents of a source URL in an IFRAME tag.
 class JetspeedContent
          Provides a content publication system (like Slashdot).
 class JspPortlet
          A JSP portlet example.
 class NewRSSPortlet
          Portlet which renders RDF Site Summary.
 class RedirectPortlet
          RedirectPortlet can be used for menu options that redirect directly to a URL outside of the portal.
 class RSSPortlet
          Portlet to change RDF Site Summary into a portlet format for HTML presentation.
 class VelocityPortlet
          A Velocity based portlet implementation
 class WebClippingPortlet
          A class that clips parts of one or more web pages.
 class WebPagePortlet
          A class that loads a web page and filters it to have certain features deleted.
 class WebPagePortlet2
          A class that loads a web page and filters it to have certain features deleted.
 class WMLFilePortlet
          This portlet serves well-formed WML file content and strips them of superfluous tags liks The strip capability has been temporarily disabled due to class conflicts in Tomcat 3.2, so this portlet can only currently serve fragments of WML documents, without the tag
 class XSLPortlet
          Simple portlet which does a basic XSLT transform with the stylesheet parameter and the given portlet URL.

Uses of AbstractInstancePortlet in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.browser

Subclasses of AbstractInstancePortlet in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.browser
 class DatabaseBrowserPortlet
          Deprecated. As of version 1.4-b5

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