Package org.apache.jetspeed.portal

Represents core classes for working with Portlets.


Interface Summary
PanedPortletController This interface must be implemented by all portlet controllers that don't display their entire content at one time.
Portlet A portlet is an implementation of a small control (usually rendered in HTML) that is available to a client application.
PortletConfig Defines a configuration for Portlets.
PortletControl The PortletControl acts both as a decoration around a Portlet or PortletSet and also as the window manager for the enclosed Portlet(Set).
PortletControlConfig The PortletControl configuration object
PortletController A PortletController is responsible for laying out and rendering the content of a PortletSet.
PortletControllerConfig The PortletController configuration object
PortletCustomizer Deprecated. provide providesCustomization() from insted to indicate that a portlet can do its own customization.
PortletInstance This interface provides an easy, object-oriented approach to modifing a portlet instance's persistent attributes.
PortletSet The PortletSet is basically a wrapper around an array of portlets.
PortletSet.Constraints The PortletSetConstraints is used to associate layout constraints with a Portlet within a Set.
PortletSetController The PortletSetController is a marker interface denoting that the controller implementing this interface only expects to manipulates portlet sets and not directly portlets.
PortletSkin The PortletSkin defines the color scheme to use for displaying a specified portlet (and associated control)
PortletState This interface allows implementing portlets to modify the behavior of their PortletControl manager by specifically allowing or refusing window manipulation actions.

Class Summary
BasePortletConfig Defines a configuration for Portlets.
BasePortletControlConfig The PortletControl configuration object default implementation
BasePortletControllerConfig The PortletController configuration object default implementation
BasePortletSet The PortletSet is basically a wrapper around an array of portlets.
BasePortletSetConstraints Trivial implementation of PortletSetConstraints
BasePortletSkin This default implementation of PortletSkin stores every property as a Map of text properties
JetspeedPortletInstance Default Implementation of Jetspeed Portlet Instance.
PortletURIManager Handles providing URIs to Portlet interface providers.

Exception Summary
PortletException Occurs when anything unexpected happens when processing a Portlet.

Package org.apache.jetspeed.portal Description

Represents core classes for working with Portlets. This includes the definition of a Portlet itself along with classes like PortletController that help with layout and rendering of the overall portal.

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