Package org.apache.jetspeed.modules.parameters

Class Summary
CheckBox Returns check box control intialized with the value parameter.
CheckBoxGroup Returns a group of check boxes using the following options: items: list of comma-delimited check box names/values layout [$northsouth|$eastwest]: presentation layout prefix: prefix to use for check box names, default="cb"
JspParameterPresentationStyle Generic jsp-based presentation style.
ListBox Returns simple list box control
MyPagesListBox Returns list box control populated with pmsl pages for current user for current media type.
ParameterPresentationStyle Interface to be implemented by parameter presentation style class
ParameterPresentationStyleFactory A parameter presentation method factory factory that attempts to load a java class from the module packages defined in the
PopupCalendar Presentation method to show a date input field with a popup calendar.
RegistryEntryListBox Returns list box control populated with registry entries from selected registry.
TextArea Returns texarea control intialized with the value parameter using the following options: rows: number of rows (default = 3) cols: number of columns (default = 80)
VelocityParameterPresentationStyle Generic Velocity-based presentation style.

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