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Uses of SSOUser in org.apache.jetspeed.sso

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.sso that return SSOUser
 SSOUser SSOUserManager.addUser(SSOSite site, JetspeedPrincipal ownerPrincipal, java.lang.String ssoUsername, java.lang.String ssoUserPassword)
          Adds a SSO user within the given SSO site.
 SSOUser SSOUserManager.getRemoteUser(SSOSite site, java.lang.String remoteUserName)
          Retrieves a single SSO user, given the SSO user's site and name

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.sso that return types with arguments of type SSOUser
 java.util.Collection<SSOUser> SSOUserManager.getRemoteUsers(SSOSite site, JetspeedPrincipal portalPrincipal)
          Retrieves all SSO users related to the Portal principal, for the given site.
 java.util.Collection<SSOUser> SSOUserManager.getRemoteUsers(SSOSite site, subject)
          Retrieves all SSO Users related to this subject, for the given site.
 java.util.Collection<SSOUser> SSOUserManager.getUsersForSite(SSOSite site)
          Retrieves all SSO users which belong to a SSO site

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.sso with parameters of type SSOUser
 void SSOUserManager.addAssociation(SSOUser user, JetspeedPrincipal principal)
          Adds an association between a SSO user and a Portal principal.
 SSOClient SSOManager.getClient(SSOSite site, SSOUser user)
 PasswordCredential SSOUserManager.getCredentials(SSOUser user)
          Retrieves the credentials for a SSO user
 java.util.Collection<JetspeedPrincipal> SSOUserManager.getPortalPrincipals(SSOUser user)
          Retrieves all Portal ("local") Principals connected to a given SSO User
 void SSOUserManager.removeUser(SSOUser remoteUser)
          Removes the given SSO user
 void SSOUserManager.setPassword(SSOUser user, java.lang.String password)
          Sets the password for a given SSO user
 void SSOUserManager.updateUser(SSOUser user)
          Updates a SSO user
 java.lang.String SSOProvider.useSSO(SSOUser user, java.lang.String url, java.lang.String SSOSite, boolean bRefresh)
          This method first authenticates the the SSOSite and then forwards the request to the destination URL.

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