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 void SSOUserManager.addAssociation(SSOUser user, JetspeedPrincipal principal)
          Adds an association between a SSO user and a Portal principal.
 void SSOProvider.addCredentialsForSite(SSOSite ssoSite, subject, java.lang.String remoteUser, java.lang.String pwd)
          Add credentials inside a transaction using existing ssoSite
 void SSOProvider.addCredentialsForSite(java.lang.String fullPath, java.lang.String remoteUser, java.lang.String site, java.lang.String pwd)
 void SSOProvider.addCredentialsForSite( subject, java.lang.String remoteUser, java.lang.String site, java.lang.String pwd)
 SSOSite SSOSiteManager.addSite(SSOSite site)
          Adds the site to the persistent store.
 void SSOProvider.addSite(java.lang.String siteName, java.lang.String siteUrl)
 void SSOProvider.addSiteChallengeResponse(java.lang.String siteName, java.lang.String siteUrl, java.lang.String realm)
          Add a new site that uses Challenge / Response Authentication
 void SSOProvider.addSiteFormAuthenticated(java.lang.String siteName, java.lang.String siteUrl, java.lang.String realm, java.lang.String userField, java.lang.String pwdField)
          Add a new site that uses Form Authentication
 SSOUser SSOUserManager.addUser(SSOSite site, JetspeedPrincipal ownerPrincipal, java.lang.String ssoUsername, java.lang.String ssoUserPassword)
          Adds a SSO user within the given SSO site.
 java.lang.String SSOClient.get(java.lang.String url, boolean refreshProxy)
 SSOClient SSOManager.getClient(SSOSite site, SSOUser user)
 PasswordCredential SSOUserManager.getCredentials(SSOUser user)
          Retrieves the credentials for a SSO user
 SSOContext SSOProvider.getCredentials( subject, java.lang.String site)
 java.lang.String SSOProvider.getRealmForSite(java.lang.String site)
 java.util.Collection<SSOUser> SSOUserManager.getRemoteUsers(SSOSite site, JetspeedPrincipal portalPrincipal)
          Retrieves all SSO users related to the Portal principal, for the given site.
 java.util.Collection<SSOUser> SSOUserManager.getRemoteUsers(SSOSite site, subject)
          Retrieves all SSO Users related to this subject, for the given site.
 java.util.Collection<SSOSite> SSOSiteManager.getSitesForPrincipal(JetspeedPrincipal principal)
          Retrieves all sites directly related to this single principal.
 java.util.Collection<SSOSite> SSOSiteManager.getSitesForSubject( subject)
          Retrieves all SSO sites related to the given Subject.
 java.util.Collection<SSOUser> SSOUserManager.getUsersForSite(SSOSite site)
          Retrieves all SSO users which belong to a SSO site
 SSOSite SSOSiteManager.newSite(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String url)
          Creates a new TRANSIENT site object.
 void SSOProvider.removeCredentialsForSite(java.lang.String fullPath, java.lang.String site)
 void SSOProvider.removeCredentialsForSite( subject, java.lang.String site)
 void SSOProvider.removeSite(SSOSite site)
 void SSOSiteManager.removeSite(SSOSite site)
          Removes a SSO site
 void SSOUserManager.removeUser(SSOUser remoteUser)
          Removes the given SSO user
 void SSOUserManager.setPassword(SSOUser user, java.lang.String password)
          Sets the password for a given SSO user
 void SSOProvider.setRealmForSite(java.lang.String site, java.lang.String realm)
 void SSOProvider.updateCredentialsForSite( subject, java.lang.String remoteUser, java.lang.String site, java.lang.String pwd)
 void SSOProvider.updateSite(SSOSite site)
 void SSOSiteManager.updateSite(SSOSite site)
          Updates an existing SSO site
 void SSOUserManager.updateUser(SSOUser user)
          Updates a SSO user
 java.lang.String SSOProvider.useSSO(SSOUser user, java.lang.String url, java.lang.String SSOSite, boolean bRefresh)
          This method first authenticates the the SSOSite and then forwards the request to the destination URL.
 java.lang.String SSOProvider.useSSO( subject, java.lang.String url, boolean bRefresh)
          Same as the method above except that the user will be authenticated against all SSOSites defined for the user before going to the destination site.
 void SSOClient.write(java.lang.String url, boolean refreshProxy, out)

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