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org.apache.jetspeed.administration Jetspeed security service interfaces. 

Uses of User in org.apache.jetspeed.administration

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.administration that return User
 User PortalAdministration.lookupUserFromEmail(java.lang.String email)
          Lookup a user given an email address

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Methods in that return User
 User UserManager.addUser(java.lang.String userName)
           Add a new user
 User UserManager.addUser(java.lang.String userName, boolean mapped)
           Add a new user and optionally map/replicate it to an external storage manager (if configured).
 User UserSubjectPrincipal.getUser()
 User PasswordCredential.getUser()
 User AuthenticatedUser.getUser()
 User UserManager.getUser(java.lang.String userName)
           Get a Userfor a given user name.
 User UserManager.newTransientUser(java.lang.String name)
 User UserManager.newUser(java.lang.String name)
 User UserManager.newUser(java.lang.String name, boolean mapped)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type User
 java.util.List<User> UserResultList.getResults()
 java.util.List<User> UserManager.getUsers(java.lang.String nameFilter)
           Retrieves a detached and modifiable User list matching the corresponding user name filter.
 java.util.List<User> UserManager.getUsersInGroup(java.lang.String groupName)
          Retrieves a a detached and modifiable User list of all the users in a specific group.
 java.util.List<User> UserManager.getUsersInRole(java.lang.String roleName)
           Retrieves a a detached and modifiable User list of all the users in a specific role.
 java.util.List<User> UserManager.lookupUsers(java.lang.String attributeName, java.lang.String attributeValue)
          Retrieves a a detached and modifiable User list of all the users having a specific value for a specific attribute

Methods in with parameters of type User
 PasswordCredential UserManager.getPasswordCredential(User user)
          Returns the current PasswordCredential for a User or a new one if the doesn't have one yet UserManager.getSubject(User user)
           Get a Subject for an user.
 void UserManager.updateUser(User user)
          Updates a user and all its attributes

Uses of User in org.apache.jetspeed.sso

Subinterfaces of User in org.apache.jetspeed.sso
 interface SSOUser

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