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Packages that use JetspeedPrincipalResultList Jetspeed security service interfaces. 

Uses of JetspeedPrincipalResultList in

Subclasses of JetspeedPrincipalResultList in
 class UserResultList
          Wrapper for a JetspeedPrincipalResultList.

Methods in that return JetspeedPrincipalResultList
 JetspeedPrincipalResultList JetspeedPrincipalManager.getPrincipals(JetspeedPrincipalQueryContext queryContext)
          Retrieve all principals that match the queryContext.

Constructors in with parameters of type JetspeedPrincipalResultList
UserResultList(JetspeedPrincipalResultList jprl)
          Create a user result list from a JetspeedPrincipalResultList.

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