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Uses of PipelineException in org.apache.jetspeed.pipeline

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.pipeline that throw PipelineException
 void Pipeline.initialize()
 void Pipeline.invoke(RequestContext context)
          Cause the specified request and response to be processed by the sequence of Valves associated with this pipeline, until one of these Valves decides to end the processing.

Uses of PipelineException in org.apache.jetspeed.pipeline.valve

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.pipeline.valve that throw PipelineException
 void Valve.initialize()
          Initialize the valve before using in a pipeline.
 void Valve.invoke(RequestContext request, ValveContext context)
 void ValveContext.invokeNext(RequestContext request)
          Cause the invoke() method of the next Valve that is part of the Pipeline currently being processed (if any) to be executed, passing on the specified request and response objects plus this ValveContext instance.

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