Uses of Interface

Packages that use Pipeline

Uses of Pipeline in org.apache.jetspeed.engine

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.engine that return Pipeline
 Pipeline Engine.getPipeline()
          Gets the engine's request default pipeline.
 Pipeline Engine.getPipeline(java.lang.String pipelineName)
          Gets the specified engine's request pipeline.

Uses of Pipeline in org.apache.jetspeed.mockobjects.request

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.mockobjects.request that return Pipeline
 Pipeline MockRequestContext.getPipeline()
          Get the current executing pipeline

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.mockobjects.request with parameters of type Pipeline
 void MockRequestContext.setPipeline(Pipeline pipeline)
          Set the current pipeline

Uses of Pipeline in org.apache.jetspeed.pipeline

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.pipeline that return Pipeline
 Pipeline PipelineMapper.getPipelineById(java.lang.String id)
          Returns pipeline by the pipeline component ID.
 Pipeline PipelineMapper.getPipelineByMappedPath(java.lang.String mappedPath)
          Returns pipeline mapped by the specified path.

Uses of Pipeline in org.apache.jetspeed.request

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.request that return Pipeline
 Pipeline RequestContext.getPipeline()
          Get the current executing pipeline

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.request with parameters of type Pipeline
 void RequestContext.setPipeline(Pipeline pipeline)
          Set the current pipeline

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