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Packages that use BaseFragmentsElement
org.apache.jetspeed.layout This package represents an Object Model for manipulating portal "pages" describing the layout process for a specific page to the aggregation engine. 

Uses of BaseFragmentsElement in org.apache.jetspeed.layout

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.layout with parameters of type BaseFragmentsElement
 ContentPage PageLayoutComponent.newContentPage(BaseFragmentsElement pageOrTemplate, PageTemplate pageTemplate, java.util.Map fragmentDefinitions)
          Construct a new content page hierarchy from PSML page or template, page templates, and fragment definitions.

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Subinterfaces of BaseFragmentsElement in
 interface BaseConcretePageElement
          This interface represents a concrete page document used by Jetspeed to define a portal page.
 interface BasePageElement
          This interface represents a generic page document used by Jetspeed to layout a portal page.
 interface DynamicPage
          This interface represents a dynamic page document used by Jetspeed to define a user-customizable portal page.
 interface FragmentDefinition
          This interface represents a document that defines a fragment hierarchy that can be referenced by other fragments.
 interface Page
          This interface represents a complete page document used by Jetspeed to define a user-customizable portal page.
 interface PageTemplate
          This interface represents a page template document used by Jetspeed to define portal pages.

Methods in that return BaseFragmentsElement
 BaseFragmentsElement ContentPage.getPageOrTemplate()
          Access underlying concrete persistent page, template, or null if page is transient or constructed dynamically.

Uses of BaseFragmentsElement in org.apache.jetspeed.portalsite

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.portalsite that return BaseFragmentsElement
 BaseFragmentsElement PortalSiteRequestContext.getManagedPageOrTemplate()
          getManagedPageOrTemplate - get request profiled concrete page or template instance as managed by the page manager
 BaseFragmentsElement PortalSiteRequestContext.getPageOrTemplate()
          getPageOrTemplate - get request profiled page or template view

Uses of BaseFragmentsElement in org.apache.jetspeed.spaces

Subinterfaces of BaseFragmentsElement in org.apache.jetspeed.spaces
 interface Dashboard
          Container for spaces

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