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Packages that use PageLayoutComponent
org.apache.jetspeed.mockobjects.request This package represents an Object Model for manipulating portal "pages" describing the layout process for a specific page to the aggregation engine. 

Uses of PageLayoutComponent in org.apache.jetspeed.mockobjects.request

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.mockobjects.request with parameters of type PageLayoutComponent
 ContentPage MockRequestContext.locatePage(Profiler profiler, PageLayoutComponent pageLayoutComponent, java.lang.String nonProfiledPath)

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Methods in that return PageLayoutComponent
 PageLayoutComponent ContentPage.getPageLayoutComponent()
          Returns the PageLayoutComponent that generated this ContentPage
 PageLayoutComponent ContentFragment.getPageLayoutComponent()
          Returns the PageLayoutComponent that generated this ContentPage

Uses of PageLayoutComponent in org.apache.jetspeed.request

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.request with parameters of type PageLayoutComponent
 ContentPage RequestContext.locatePage(Profiler profiler, PageLayoutComponent pageLayoutComponent, java.lang.String nonProfiledPath)
          Locates a specific page using the profiler and site manager location algorithms from a generalized non-profiled path to the first page matching the path

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