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Packages that use Decoration
org.apache.jetspeed.decoration This package represents an Object Model for manipulating portal "pages" describing the layout process for a specific page to the aggregation engine. 

Uses of Decoration in org.apache.jetspeed.decoration

Subinterfaces of Decoration in org.apache.jetspeed.decoration
 interface LayoutDecoration
          Decoration specifically targeted at decorating layouts.
 interface PortletDecoration
          Decoration specifically targeted at decorating portlets.

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.decoration that return Decoration
 Decoration Theme.getDecoration(ContentFragment fragment)
          Returns a a Decoration for the requested fragment.
 Decoration DecorationFactory.getDecoration(ContentPage page, ContentFragment fragment, RequestContext requestContext)
          Returns a Decoration for a specific Fragment contained within the specified Page.

Uses of Decoration in

Methods in that return Decoration
 Decoration ContentFragment.getDecoration()
          Retrieves the actual org.apache.jetspeed.decoration.decorator object for this content fragment.

Methods in with parameters of type Decoration
 void ContentFragment.setDecoration(Decoration decoration)

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