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Uses of CapabilitiesException in org.apache.jetspeed.capabilities

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.capabilities that throw CapabilitiesException
 void Capabilities.deleteCapability(Capability capability)
          delete existing capability from backend storage
 void Capabilities.deleteClient(Client client)
          delete existing client from backend storage
 void Capabilities.deleteMediaType(MediaType mediaType)
          delete existing media type from backend storage
 void Capabilities.deleteMimeType(MimeType mimeType)
          delete existing mime type from backend storage
 void Capabilities.storeCapability(Capability capability)
          Save capability to backend storage
 void Capabilities.storeClient(Client client)
          Save client to backend storage
 void Capabilities.storeMediaType(MediaType mediaType)
          Save media type to backend storage
 void Capabilities.storeMimeType(MimeType mimeType)
          Save mime type to backend storage

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