Jetspeed security service interfaces.


Interface Summary
AlgorithmUpgradePasswordEncodingService AlgorithmUpgradePasswordEncodingService allows checking a specific PasswordCredential if it uses the provided Encoding Algorithm.
AuthenticationProvider Configures an authentication provider.
AuthenticationProviderProxy Proxy allowing to handle multiple authentication providers.
AuthorizationProvider Configures the policies.
BasePrincipal The base principal.
Group A group made of a GroupPrincipal and the group Preferences.
GroupManager Describes the service interface for managing groups.
GroupPrincipal The group principal.
HierarchyResolver This class allows to implement different types of groups/roles hierarchy.
LoginModuleProxy Utility component used as a bridge between the login module and the security component.
PasswordCredential PasswordCredential
PasswordEncodingService PasswordEncodingService allows decoding of user passwords provided that a two-way encryption algoritmn is used.
PermissionManager Describe the interface for managing Permissionand permission association to Principal.
Role A role made of a RolePrincipal and the role Preferences.
RoleManager Describes the service interface for managing roles.
RolePrincipal The role principal.
SecurityAccessController This component abstracts access to security checks.
SecurityProvider Utility component used to configure the security component and provide access to the various security handlers.
User A user made of a Subject and the user Preferences.
UserManager Describes the interface for managing users and provides access to the User.
UserPrincipal The user principal.
UserSubjectPrincipal The user principal.

Exception Summary
InvalidDnException Exception thrown when the distinguished name is invalid.
InvalidNewPasswordException Exception thrown when supplied new password is invalid.
InvalidPasswordException Exception thrown when supplied password is invalid.
InvalidUidException Exception thrown when the uid is invalid.
PasswordAlreadyUsedException Exception thrown when supplied password has been used before.
SecurityException Exception throwns by members of the security service.

Package Description

Jetspeed security service interfaces.

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