Interface Summary
DublinCore DublinCore
Interface that allows retrieving information according to the Dublin Core specification (
GenericMetadata GenericMetadata
Interface that allows retrieving localized information
JetspeedServiceReference Defines Jetspeed services supported by a portlet application.
LocalizedField LocalizedField
Interface that represents a string value and the locale of that string
MutableDescription MutableDescription
Extended version of that allows for setting the description text and Locale for the description object.
MutableDescriptionSet MutableDescriptionSet
MutableDisplayName MutableDisplayName
MutableDisplayNameSet MutableDisplayNameSet
MutableLanguage MutableLanguage
Extension of with mutator methods for easy maintenance.
ParameterComposite ParameterComposite
SecuredResource SecuredResource
SecurityConstraint SecurityConstraint
SecurityConstraints SecurityConstraints
SecurityRoleRefComposite SecurityRoleRefComposite
UserAttribute Interface representing user attribute as defined in Portlet specs: PLT.17.2 Accessing User Attributes.
UserAttributeRef Interface allowing mapping of user attributes between the portal implementation and the portlet attribute definition according to the Portlet specs (PLT.17.2 Accessing User Attributes).

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