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org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.browser This package is for portal implementation wrappers that do security checked access to public methods in portlet classes.   

Uses of Cacheable in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.controls

Classes in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.controls that implement Cacheable
 class AbstractPortletControl
          The PortletControl acts both as a decoration around a Portlet or PortletSet and also as the window manager for the enclosed Portlet(Set).
 class TitleControl
           This control renders the title of a portlet for MimeTyps WML and HTML.
 class VelocityPortletControl
          A Velocity based portlet control which implements all PortletState action
 class VelocityPortletSetControl
          A Velocity based portlet control designed for handling a PortletSet child

Uses of Cacheable in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets

Classes in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets that implement Cacheable
 class AbstractInstancePortlet
          Extend AbstractPortlet to re-define the handle used for portlet caching: This handle uses the portlet's unique id and the portal page's id to form a portlet instance id for caching.
 class AbstractPortlet
           Should be used by most Portlets that wish to conform to default behavior
 class AggregatePortlet
          Aggregate Portlet aggregates the content of other portlets.
 class ApplicationsPortlet
          Handles enumerating Portlets that are also applications
 class BASICAuthIFramePortlet
          Same as IFramePortlet except that it allows to use basic authentication using current user name and password (or whatever is provided in portlet preferences)
 class BogusPortlet
          Bogus Portlet.
 class ClearPortlet
          ClearPortlet Empty Portlet which displays no content
 class CustomizerVelocityPortlet
          This subclass of VelocityPortlet should be used as base portlet for all VelocityPortlets that implement their own customizer
 class FileServerPortlet
          Serve a static URL (typically a HTML fragment)
 class FileWatchPortlet
          Just like AbstractPortlet except that when its URL is modified on disk it automatically expires itself.
 class GenericMVCPortlet
          Provides the basic MVC Portlet functionality independant of any specific view technology (ie jsp, velocity, xslt, etc).
 class IFramePortlet
          A Portlet that displays the contents of a source URL in an IFRAME tag.
 class JetspeedContent
          Provides a content publication system (like Slashdot).
 class JspPortlet
          A JSP portlet example.
 class LinkPortlet
          Portlet for rendering HTML links Can also be used for WML but no output will be created so redering for wml is done in by the /wml/column.vm file
 class NewRSSPortlet
          Portlet which renders RDF Site Summary.
 class PortletInfoPortlet
           A Portlet which displays info about other Portlets.
 class PreviewPortlet
          Preview portlet.
 class RedirectPortlet
          RedirectPortlet can be used for menu options that redirect directly to a URL outside of the portal.
 class RSSPortlet
          Portlet to change RDF Site Summary into a portlet format for HTML presentation.
 class ServletInvokerPortlet
          The ServletInvokerPortlet invokes a servlet or JSP and displays the result.
 class ServletProxyPortlet
          This portlet class is intended to be used for internal URLs that will not work properly if they are part of the same request as the Jetspeed/Turbine controller servlet--Struts-mapped URLs are an example of these.
 class TurbineScreenPortlet
          This portlet will attempt to render the Turbine Screen within a portlet.
 class VelocityPortlet
          A Velocity based portlet implementation
 class WebClippingPortlet
          A class that clips parts of one or more web pages.
 class WebPagePortlet
          A class that loads a web page and filters it to have certain features deleted.
 class WebPagePortlet2
          A class that loads a web page and filters it to have certain features deleted.
 class WMLFilePortlet
          This portlet serves well-formed WML file content and strips them of superfluous tags liks The strip capability has been temporarily disabled due to class conflicts in Tomcat 3.2, so this portlet can only currently serve fragments of WML documents, without the tag
 class XMLPortlet
          Portlet to output an XML well-formed document without any rendering.
 class XSLPortlet
          Simple portlet which does a basic XSLT transform with the stylesheet parameter and the given portlet URL.

Uses of Cacheable in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.admin

Classes in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.admin that implement Cacheable
 class BadURLManagerPortlet
          Shows the user what URLs are considered bad.
 class DaemonAdminPortlet
          Handles enumerating Portlets that are also applications
 class GlobalAdminPortlet
          Returns global information about Jetspeed.
 class JavaRuntimePortlet
          Handles enumerating Portlets that are also applications
 class JetspeedContentAdmin
          Handles enumerating Portlets that are also applications
 class JetspeedPropertiesPortlet
          Handles enumerating Portlets that are also applications
 class ServletContextPortlet

Uses of Cacheable in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.browser

Classes in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.browser that implement Cacheable
 class DatabaseBrowserPortlet
          Deprecated. As of version 1.4-b5

Uses of Cacheable in

Classes in that implement Cacheable
 class CacheablePortletWrapper
           This object is used to wrap a Portlet, ensuring that access control rules are enforced.
 class CacheableStatefulPortletWrapper
           This object is used to wrap a Portlet, ensuring that access control rules are enforced.

Uses of Cacheable in

Methods in that return Cacheable
 Cacheable PortletCacheService.getCacheable(java.lang.String handle)
          Retrieves a Cacheable object from the cache.
static Cacheable PortletCache.getCacheable(java.lang.String handle)
          Retrieves an object from the cache
 Cacheable JetspeedPortletCacheService.getCacheable(java.lang.String handle)
          Retrieves a Cacheable object from the cache.

Methods in with parameters of type Cacheable
 void PortletCacheService.addCacheable(Cacheable item)
          Add a Cacheable object to the cache.
static void PortletCache.addCacheable(Cacheable item)
          Add an object to the cache
 void JetspeedPortletCacheService.addCacheable(Cacheable item)
          Add a Cacheable object to the cache.

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