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Fields in declared as LDAPURL
protected  LDAPURL BaseLDAPObject.ldapurl

Methods in that return LDAPURL
 LDAPURL BaseLDAPObject.getldapurl()

Methods in with parameters of type LDAPURL
 void BaseLDAPObject.setLdapUrl(LDAPURL url)

Constructors in with parameters of type LDAPURL
LDAPUser(LDAPURL ldapurl)
LDAPRole(LDAPURL ldapurl)
LDAPPermission(LDAPURL ldapurl)
LDAPGroup(LDAPURL ldapurl)

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Methods in that return LDAPURL
static LDAPURL JetspeedLDAP.buildURL(java.lang.String DN)
static LDAPURL JetspeedLDAP.findEntryName(LDAPURL url)

Methods in with parameters of type LDAPURL
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.addAttribute(LDAPURL url, at)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.addEntry(LDAPURL url, at)
static int srcUrl, LDAPURL dstUrl)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.deleteAttribute(LDAPURL url, at)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.deleteEntry(LDAPURL url)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.deleteTree(LDAPURL url)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.exists(LDAPURL url)
static LDAPURL JetspeedLDAP.findEntryName(LDAPURL url)
static url)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.renameEntry(LDAPURL url, java.lang.String newDN)
static java.util.Vector url, java.lang.String filter, java.lang.String[] attribs, boolean subTreeScope)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.synchEntry(LDAPURL url, ats)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.deleteAttrs(LDAPURL url, ats)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.transfer(LDAPURL fromUrl, LDAPURL toUrl, boolean delete, boolean replace, boolean withChildren)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.transferEntry(LDAPURL fromUrl, ats, LDAPURL toUrl, boolean delete, boolean replace)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.transferEntry(LDAPURL fromUrl, LDAPURL toUrl, boolean delete, boolean replace)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.updateAttribute(LDAPURL url, at)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.updateEntry(LDAPURL url, at)
static boolean JetspeedLDAP.updateEntry(LDAPURL url, ats, boolean replace)

Uses of LDAPURL in

Methods in that return LDAPURL
 LDAPURL LDAPService.buildURL(java.lang.String DN)
          Build LDAPURL Function Build LDAPURL with given DN.
 LDAPURL LDAPService.findEntryName(LDAPURL url)
          Find Entry Name Function Return entry name for given LDAPURL.
 LDAPURL LDAPService.getReferralUrl(javax.naming.ReferralException e)
          Get Referral URL Function Return LDAPURL extracted from exception.

Methods in with parameters of type LDAPURL
 boolean LDAPURL.sameHosts(LDAPURL url)
    LDAPService.connect(LDAPURL url)
          Connection Function tries to connect given LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.deleteAttribute(LDAPURL url, at)
          Delete Atrribute Function Delete given attribute for given LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.addAttribute(LDAPURL url, at)
          Add Attribute Function add given attribute to given LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.addEntry(LDAPURL url, at)
          Add entry Function tries to add object with given LDAPURL and with given attributes.
 boolean LDAPService.exists(LDAPURL url)
          Query existense of an Object Function tries to locate given LDAPURL.
 int srcUrl, LDAPURL dstUrl)
          Compare Function Compare given LDAPURLs.
 int LDAPService.importEntry(LDAPURL url, java.lang.String dn, entry, int type)
          Import Function Import given LDAPURL to another dn. url)
          Read Attributes Function Return attributes for given LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.renameEntry(LDAPURL url, java.lang.String newDN)
          Rename Entry Function Rename given LDAPURL with given DN.
 boolean LDAPService.synchEntry(LDAPURL url, ats)
          Sync Entry Function Sync given LDAPURL with given atrributes.
 boolean LDAPService.deleteAttrs(LDAPURL url, ats)
          Delete Attributes Function Delete Attributes for given LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.deleteEntry(LDAPURL url)
          Delete Entry Function Delete given LDAPURL.
 LDAPURL LDAPService.findEntryName(LDAPURL url)
          Find Entry Name Function Return entry name for given LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.deleteTree(LDAPURL url)
          Delete Tree Function Delete record with all child node LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.transfer(LDAPURL fromUrl, LDAPURL toUrl, boolean delete, boolean replace, boolean withChildren)
          Transfer Function Transfer given LDAPURL to other LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.transferEntry(LDAPURL fromUrl, ats, LDAPURL toUrl, boolean delete, boolean replace)
          Transfer with updates Function Transfer updated LDAPURL with given modification items to other LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.transferEntry(LDAPURL fromUrl, LDAPURL toUrl, boolean delete, boolean replace)
          Transfer without updates Function Transfer LDAPURL to other LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.updateAttribute(LDAPURL url, at)
          Update Atribute Function Update an attribute for given LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.updateEntry(LDAPURL url, at)
          Update Atributes Function Update attributes for given LDAPURL.
 boolean LDAPService.updateEntry(LDAPURL url, ats, boolean replace)
          Update Entry Function Update attributes for given LDAPURL.
 java.util.Vector url, java.lang.String filter, java.lang.String[] attribs, boolean subTreeScope)
          Search Function Search objects for given BaseURL and filter.
 boolean Connector.connectionFailed(LDAPURL ldapurl)
 java.util.Properties Connector.referralConnection(java.util.Properties properties, LDAPURL ldapurl, boolean flag)

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