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Packages that use ViewProcessor

Uses of ViewProcessor in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.viewprocessor

Classes in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.viewprocessor that implement ViewProcessor
 class BufferedJSPViewProcessor
          Version of the JSPViewProcess that buffers its content
 class BufferedVelocityViewProcessor
          Version of the VelocityViewProcess that buffers its content
 class JSPViewProcessor
          JspViewProcessor - MVC processor for serving jsp files.
 class RSSViewProcessor
          Portlet which renders RDF Site Summary.
 class VelocityViewProcessor
 class XSLViewProcessor
          Simple ViewProcessor which does a basic XSLT transform with the stylesheet parameter and the given URL.

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.viewprocessor that return ViewProcessor
static ViewProcessor ViewProcessorFactory.getViewProcessor(java.lang.String viewType)

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