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Methods in that return SecurityEntry
static SecurityEntry SecurityDbEntryPeer.lookupSecurityEntry(java.lang.String entryName)
static SecurityEntry SecurityDbEntryPeer.mapDatabaseToEntry( sde)

Methods in with parameters of type SecurityEntry
static void SecurityDbEntryPeer.storeSecurityEntry(SecurityEntry se)

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Classes in that implement SecurityEntry
 class BaseSecurityEntry
          Interface for manipulatin the Security Entry on the registry entries

Methods in that return SecurityEntry
 SecurityEntry BaseSecurityRegistry.getSecurityEntry(java.lang.String name)
          returns a security entry from the registry based on the name provided
 SecurityEntry BaseSecurityRegistry.createSecurityEntry()
 SecurityEntry BaseSecurityRegistry.cloneSecurityEntry(java.lang.String original, java.lang.String newName)
          Makes an exact copy of the named role, but changing the nmae attribute to the value of newName

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