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org.apache.jetspeed.portal Represents core classes for working with Portlets. Services for creating new Portal objects from named Registry entries or PSML configuration entries. Helper classes for handling the creation of Portlet objects. 

Uses of PortletEntry in org.apache.jetspeed.daemon.impl.util.diskcachedaemon

Constructors in org.apache.jetspeed.daemon.impl.util.diskcachedaemon with parameters of type PortletEntry
PortletRefresher(PortletEntry entry)
          Given an Entry and RunData, create a PortletRefresher

Uses of PortletEntry in org.apache.jetspeed.daemon.impl.util.feeddaemon

Constructors in org.apache.jetspeed.daemon.impl.util.feeddaemon with parameters of type PortletEntry
Instantiator(PortletEntry entry)
          Create a Instantiator with info on what to instantiate
Instantiator(int id, PortletEntry entry)
EntryInstantiator(PortletEntry[] entries)
          Create a EntryInstantiator for processing.

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Methods in that return PortletEntry
static PortletEntry PortletDbEntryPeer.lookupPortletEntry(java.lang.String entryName)
static PortletEntry PortletDbEntryPeer.mapDatabaseToEntry( pde)

Methods in with parameters of type PortletEntry
static void PortletDbEntryPeer.storePortletEntry(PortletEntry pe)

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Classes in that implement PortletEntry
 class BasePortletEntry
          Default bean like implementation of the PortletEntry interface suitable for serialization with Castor

Fields in declared as PortletEntry
protected  PortletEntry CategoryIterator.portlet

Methods in that return PortletEntry
 PortletEntry BasePortletEntry.getParentEntry()
          Looks up in the Registry the parent entry for this real entry

Methods in with parameters of type PortletEntry
protected  void BasePortletRegistry.setPortletEntry(PortletEntry entry)

Uses of PortletEntry in org.apache.jetspeed.portal

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.portal that return PortletEntry
static PortletEntry PortletURIManager.getEntry(org.apache.turbine.util.ParameterParser params)
           Given a ParameterParser, get a PortletEntry.

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Methods in with parameters of type PortletEntry
protected  PortletControl JetspeedPortalToolkitService.getControl(Control control, PortletEntry entry)

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Methods in that return PortletEntry
protected static PortletEntry JetspeedPortletFactoryService.getParentEntry(PortletEntry entry)

Methods in with parameters of type PortletEntry
protected  PortletConfig JetspeedPortletFactoryService.getPortletConfig(PortletEntry portletEntry, java.lang.String id)
          Given a Registry Entry, get the value of what its PortletConfig would be.
protected static MetaData JetspeedPortletFactoryService.getMetaData(PortletEntry entry)
          Create a MetaData object from a registry Metainfo object
protected static PortletEntry JetspeedPortletFactoryService.getParentEntry(PortletEntry entry)
protected  java.lang.String JetspeedPortletFactoryService.getClassname(PortletEntry entry)
          Retruns the classname defined for this PortletEntry.
protected  void JetspeedPortletFactoryService.addParentInitParameters(PortletEntry entry, java.util.Map hash)
          Maps all parameters, not found within the entry, from the entry's parent into the entry
protected  SecurityReference JetspeedPortletFactoryService.getSecurityReference(Entry entry, PortletEntry pEntry)
          Figures out how to produce a security reference for this portlet.

Uses of PortletEntry in org.apache.jetspeed.util

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.util that return PortletEntry
static PortletEntry URILookup.getEntry(org.apache.turbine.util.ParameterParser params)
           Given a ParameterParser, get a PortletEntry.

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