Uses of Interface

Packages that use MetaInfo Represents a repository of configuration data.   

Uses of MetaInfo in

Methods in that return MetaInfo
 MetaInfo SecurityEntry.getMetaInfo()
          Getter for property metaInfo.
 MetaInfo RegistryEntry.getMetaInfo()

Methods in with parameters of type MetaInfo
 void SecurityEntry.setMetaInfo(MetaInfo metaInfo)
          Setter for property metaInfo.
 void RegistryEntry.setMetaInfo(MetaInfo metainfo)
          Set the metainfo properties for this entry

Uses of MetaInfo in

Classes in that implement MetaInfo
 class BaseMetaInfo
          Bean like implementation of the Metainfo interface suitable for Castor serialization.

Fields in declared as MetaInfo
protected  MetaInfo BaseRegistryEntry.metaInfo

Methods in that return MetaInfo
 MetaInfo BaseRegistryEntry.getMetaInfo()
 MetaInfo BasePortletEntry.getMetaInfo()

Methods in with parameters of type MetaInfo
 void BaseRegistryEntry.setMetaInfo(MetaInfo metaInfo)
          Required by Castor 0.8.11 XML serialization for setting the entry metainfo

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