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Methods in that return PortletCategory BasePortletCategory.copy()
          Makes a copy of this object.
static BasePortletCategoryManager.getInstance()
          Static accessor for the @see #getInstanceImpl().
static BasePortletCategoryManager.getInstance( id)
          Static accessor for the @see #getInstanceImpl(ObjectKey).
static BasePortletCategoryManager.getInstance( id, boolean fromCache)
          Static accessor for the @see #getInstanceImpl(ObjectKey, boolean).
static BasePortletCategoryManager.getInstance(long id)
          Static accessor for the @see #getInstanceImpl(ObjectKey).
static BasePortletCategoryManager.getInstance(long id, boolean fromCache)
          Static accessor for the @see #getInstanceImpl(ObjectKey).
protected BasePortletCategoryManager.getInstanceImpl()
          Get a fresh instance of a PortletCategoryManager
protected BasePortletCategoryManager.getInstanceImpl( id)
          Get a PortletCategory with the given id.
protected BasePortletCategoryManager.getInstanceImpl( id, boolean fromCache)
          Get a PortletCategory with the given id.
static BasePortletCategoryPeer.row2Object(com.workingdogs.village.Record row, int offset, java.lang.Class cls)
          Create a new object of type cls from a resultset row starting from a specified offset.
static BasePortletCategoryPeer.retrieveByPK(long pk)
          Retrieve a single object by pk
static BasePortletCategoryPeer.retrieveByPK( pk)
          Retrieve a single object by pk
static BasePortletCategoryPeer.retrieveByPK( pk, java.sql.Connection con)
          Retrieve a single object by pk

Methods in with parameters of type PortletCategory
static boolean BasePortletCategoryManager.exists( obj)
protected  boolean BasePortletCategoryManager.existsImpl( om)
          check for a duplicate project name
static void BasePortletCategoryPeer.populateObject(com.workingdogs.village.Record row, int offset, obj)
          Populates an object from a resultset row starting from a specified offset.
static java.util.List BasePortletCategoryPeer.doSelect( obj)
          Method to do selects
static void BasePortletCategoryPeer.doInsert( obj)
          Method to do inserts
static void BasePortletCategoryPeer.doUpdate( obj)
static void BasePortletCategoryPeer.doDelete( obj)
static void BasePortletCategoryPeer.doInsert( obj, java.sql.Connection con)
          Method to do inserts.
static void BasePortletCategoryPeer.doUpdate( obj, java.sql.Connection con)
          Method to do update.
static void BasePortletCategoryPeer.doDelete( obj, java.sql.Connection con)
          Method to delete.
static org.apache.torque.util.Criteria BasePortletCategoryPeer.buildCriteria( obj)
          Build a Criteria object from the data object for this peer
 void BasePortletDbEntry.addPortletCategory( l)
          Method called to associate a PortletCategory object to this object through the PortletCategory foreign key attribute

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