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Packages that use DiskCacheEntry
org.apache.jetspeed.cache.disk A way to store remote documents locally. 

Uses of DiskCacheEntry in org.apache.jetspeed.cache.disk

Classes in org.apache.jetspeed.cache.disk that implement DiskCacheEntry
 class JetspeedDiskCacheEntry
          A cache entry represents a data source that can be stored locally for efficiency.

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.cache.disk that return DiskCacheEntry
 DiskCacheEntry[] JetspeedDiskCache.getEntries()
          Get a list of all the documents within the cache...
 DiskCacheEntry JetspeedDiskCache.getEntry(java.lang.String url)
 DiskCacheEntry JetspeedDiskCache.getEntry(java.lang.String url, boolean force)
          Force this URL to update
 DiskCacheEntry JetspeedDiskCache.getEntry(java.lang.String url, is)
          Get an Entry given a Reader and the URL from which it has been fetched.
 DiskCacheEntry DiskCache.getEntry(java.lang.String url)
           Take the given remove URL and place it in the disk cache.
 DiskCacheEntry DiskCache.getEntry(java.lang.String url, boolean force)
          Get an Entry from the from the cache but force this URL to be fetched and then cached no matter what configuration options Jetspeed provides.
 DiskCacheEntry DiskCache.getEntry(java.lang.String url, is)
          Get a entry based on a URL but you should already have the content.
 DiskCacheEntry[] DiskCache.getEntries()
          Get a list of all the documents within the cache...

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