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Packages that use DiskCache
org.apache.jetspeed.cache.disk A way to store remote documents locally. 

Uses of DiskCache in org.apache.jetspeed.cache.disk

Classes in org.apache.jetspeed.cache.disk that implement DiskCache
 class JetspeedDiskCache
          Sample Implementation of the Disk Cache interface.

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.cache.disk with parameters of type DiskCache
static boolean DiskCacheUtils.isCached(DiskCache instance, java.lang.String url)
          Return true if this url is in the cache.
static DiskCacheUtils.getFile(DiskCache instance, java.lang.String url)
          Given a URL, determine what the filename would be within the cache.
static java.lang.String DiskCacheUtils.getFileURL(DiskCache instance, java.lang.String url)
          Given a url and an disk cache instance, determine what the correct URL for this cache entry for the remote URL would be.

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