Release Notes - Portals Bridges - Version 1.0.3

The list below outlines the issues that are addressed with release 1.0.3.

The release notes of the previous release 1.0.1 are available here: release notes 1.0.1.


  • [PB-7] - Messages are not displayed, validation errors are ignored
  • [PB-58] - PHP bridge: bug in ServletConfigImpl
  • [PB-59] - Struts bridge: render phase of portlet doesn't remove the attr RENDER_CONTEXT from the portlet session
  • [PB-64] - FacesPortlet should Restore View before the ActionRequest lifecycle is executed.
  • [PB-66] - FacesPortlet should apply defaultRenderKitId instead of HTML_BASIC
  • [PB-68] - PortletUIViewRoot needs saveState


  • [PB-63] - Update to latest dependencies
  • [PB-67] - Added support for ServletRequests
  • [PB-69] - Groovy Portlet Bridge for rapid dev: Parse, instantiate, invoke and auto-refresh a groovy script portlet
  • [PB-70] - Groovy Bridge needs to support groovy script preferences validator and groovy script pre-286 portlet.

New Feature

  • [PB-65] - PortletResourceURLFactory: A new generic interface for direct access to a portlet, a lightweight version of what Portlet 2.0 ResourceURL will provide


  • [PB-25] - Provide bridges library components build configuration and xdocs