Release Notes - Portals Bridges - Version 1.0.1


  • [PB-35] - Multiple instances of the same bridge application behave badly due to ID conflicts
  • [PB-38] - Switching between View and Edit modes, portlet remembers only the last action (and not the last action in that mode) and goes to that regardless of the mode.
  • [PB-39] - TabBean doesn't implement Serializable
  • [PB-41] - Tiles Context gets lost "Struts Bridge - error with tiles"
  • [PB-44] - Broken link on the JSF document
  • [PB-45] - Should not use instanceof on Portlet request interfaces to distinguish ActionRequest from RenderRequest
  • [PB-46] - FilterPortlet cannot be used with ServletContextProvider because it doesn't extend GenericPortlet
  • [PB-47] - FilterPortlet throws NPE on PortletConfig dependent methods when the managed portlet doesn't implement PortletConfig
  • [PB-48] - FilterPortlet.destroy() doesn't call managed portlet.destroy()
  • [PB-49] - Multiple instances of a struts portlet should be able to coexist on a single page.
  • [PB-54] - PortletViewHandlerImpl.getResourceURL() always prepends the context path.
  • [PB-56] - Dropping multiple struts versions build support as it is causing problems for the maven-2 build


  • [PB-12] - Document "prefix" feature of RenderContextAttributes
  • [PB-31] - Implement a MapServer bridge
  • [PB-42] - Korean translation for jsf-demo and spring library resources
  • [PB-50] - Support using Springframework 2.0 with the frameworks bridge


  • [PB-16] - Moving portals-bridges to its own Portals Bridges home project