Release Notes - Jetspeed 2 - Version 2.1.4


  • [JS2-418] - Guide to portal assembly documentation
  • [JS2-420] - Guide to sites (guide-site.xml) Documentation
  • [JS2-778] - There is no simple way to find jetspeed subproject documentation


  • [JS2-382] - HTTP Status 403 - SecurityConstraintsImpl.checkConstraints(): Access for view not permitted
  • [JS2-546] - Fix the sort function on the DB Browser
  • [JS2-887] - Jetspeed writes information to database when storing preferences in edit_defaults custom portlet mode.
  • [JS2-931] - ConcurrentModificationException Exception in SessionNavigationalState
  • [JS2-942] - When there are no decorator defaults in root folder, causes stack trace in browser
  • [JS2-967] - Preferences Concurrent Modification Exception
  • [JS2-1000] - Portalstatistics can cause NullPointerException in method when request.getRemoteAttr() returns (sometimes) null
  • [JS2-1022] - Docs need better clarification on need to install *both* standard and demo JS2, or just one of the two.
  • [JS2-1033] - Deadlock during PAM initialization between java prefs and database row locks
  • [JS2-1075] - possible cross site scripting during login
  • [JS2-1076] - insecure redirector during login
  • [JS2-1098] - no class files(VersionedPortletApplicationManager) found in jetspeed-2.1.3, jetspeed-2.1.3/deployguide/config-cluster.html doc is error.
  • [JS2-1114] - [velocity] Null reference [template 'decorations/layout/jetspeed/header.vm', line 49, column 17] :${} cannot be resolved
  • [JS2-1119] - Impossible to log in using Jetspeed 2 and Tomcat 6.0.24
  • [JS2-1130] - PAM unit tests failing
  • [JS2-1195] - Reset Cached Security Constraints Intermittent NPE


  • [JS2-856] - Update DatabasePageManagerCache to use EhCache
  • [JS2-997] - Cache Monitor Portlet
  • [JS2-1034] - Add DB Export, Init, and Import capabilities to installer to facilitate ETL based migration
  • [JS2-1035] - Upgrade 2.1.3 to support tomcat 5.5.27
  • [JS2-1052] - Add GC Diagnostic Portlet to j2-admin
  • [JS2-1069] - Portal Site should not filter folders w/o pages when page exists within menu depth constraints
  • [JS2-1088] - UserInfoManager implementation needs inprovements in resolving mapped user attributes and its cache handling
  • [JS2-1091] - Admin to set some portlets to out-of-service state at runtime.

New Feature

  • [JS2-893] - cluster synchronization feature
  • [JS2-1127] - Bulk Migration from 2.1.X to 2.2.X

Release Notes - Jetspeed 2 - Version 2.1.3

The list below outlines the issues that are addressed with release 2.1.3 For a full list of features, see the features list.

And the release notes of the previous release 2.1.2 are available here: release notes 2.1.2.


  • [JS2-593] - NullPointerException whent getting database connection in BatchedStatistics
  • [JS2-612] - Get NullPointerException around pageManager in FolderImpl under high load
  • [JS2-666] - Clustered Environment: constraint violation if clones are started at the same time
  • [JS2-750] - LDAP login not resolving DN correctly
  • [JS2-752] - Desktop pipeline: drag and drop and portlet relocation
  • [JS2-753] - Desktop Pipeline: sticky mouse pointer after portlet was resized in Untiled mode.
  • [JS2-754] - Desktop Pipeline: javascript error when click on 'Aditional Link'
  • [JS2-756] - Desktop Pipeline: Browser Refresh Issue After Page Edit
  • [JS2-757] - Removing /_user/guest folder gives edit access to all pages
  • [JS2-758] - Ukrainian symbols doesn't save through Portal Site Manager
  • [JS2-759] - Jetspeed caches content of portal pages unexpectedly
  • [JS2-762] - Cannot return to view mode after changing to simple layout theme in page edit mode.
  • [JS2-764] - There are much DOCTYPE directives in every result page of portal
  • [JS2-767] - Portlet Action not working when using JetspeedPowerTool
  • [JS2-768] - Desktop pipeline gets null page in request context
  • [JS2-769] - Layout Portlets do not support content types other than text/html
  • [JS2-784] - Adding portlet doesn't work in 2.1.3 trunk!
  • [JS2-790] - Many bugs in portal site manager portlet
  • [JS2-795] - Deadlock while release session on Websphere Release
  • [JS2-796] - VelocityTwoColumns mentioned twice in layouts guide
  • [JS2-798] - Portlet Selector fails on Safari browser
  • [JS2-799] - Jetspeed cannot deploy portlet applications that run from the "/" context.
  • [JS2-800] - Memeory Leak Caused by org.apache.jetspeed.container.window.impl.PortletWindowAccessorImpl
  • [JS2-802] - Eclipse m2.classpath has some typos
  • [JS2-803] - Java6 can't compile Jetspeed
  • [JS2-807] - Attached files gives you the ability to run the tests under Maven-2 (currently broken)
  • [JS2-810] - Rule criteria is not ordered correctly
  • [JS2-814] - Ldap User DN is incorrectly calculated when search filterBase is empty
  • [JS2-815] - SSOIframePortlet doesn't save changed remote principal name
  • [JS2-816] - Jetspeed common javascript doesn't support running the portal under ROOT context
  • [JS2-819] - Edit mode of Category Portlet Selector doesn't work on IE browser.
  • [JS2-820] - display UNICODE in desktop mode.
  • [JS2-822] - Flash Portlets are broken on Desktop
  • [JS2-824] - Odd behavior on maximize and minimize of portlets under Desktop, IE6 only
  • [JS2-826] - Invalid DN values in group/role member attributes result in null pointer dereferences in the BasePrincipalImpl class
  • [JS2-827] - Does't work that uploading files in desktop mode using "multipart/form-data"
  • [JS2-829] - Issue with PersistenceBrokerPreferencesProvider.resolveChildren() when cached preferences are evicted.
  • [JS2-830] - Unpredictable exceptions due to unsynchronized HashMap in AbstractProfilingRul
  • [JS2-833] - associations between portal and remote principal are not removed
  • [JS2-836] - Lookup of LDAP users per role using a role membership attribute on a user is broken
  • [JS2-837] - Attributes template for initial LDAP user/role/group attributes does not accept '=' sign


  • [JS2-710] - Dynamically Hide Portlets at request time
  • [JS2-755] - Desktop Pipeline: Blank deley when switch page
  • [JS2-779] - Supporting Pocket PC
  • [JS2-780] - Provide out-of-the-box Wicket portlet support
  • [JS2-785] - Parallel Rendering on Websphere 6.1
  • [JS2-787] - Non-informative error handling in PortalSiteManager. I've created a patch
  • [JS2-788] - Localize File Portlet resources
  • [JS2-789] - Login without posting all credentials via HTTP request
  • [JS2-793] - Support deployment of jetspeed under a custom context name (e.g. ROOT) with the maven 1 jetspeed plugin
  • [JS2-797] - Improve LDAP implementation and documentation for Apache DS 1.0.2
  • [JS2-805] - Improve Credentials Password Support
  • [JS2-806] - Portlets should return to normal view state on click of menu navigation from portal
  • [JS2-808] - Maximize on edit-defaults option
  • [JS2-812] - Better support for MSSQL
  • [JS2-821] - CategoryPortletSelector no portlets displayed in IE6 / Update CategoryPortletSelector localization Korean
  • [JS2-823] - NoAction Layouts under desktop pipeline behave different from portal pipeline
  • [JS2-835] - Improve Permissions and Constraints Admin portlets to support the latest Portlet Modes

New Feature

  • [JS2-634] - edit_defaults custom portlet mode
  • [JS2-708] - Ant Custom Build Tutorial
  • [JS2-716] - PSML and XML Import / Export Admin Portlet
  • [JS2-729] - Preliminary Portlet API 2.0 ResourceURL support allowing full response control like for cookies and compressed output streams
  • [JS2-791] - configure the security constraint on a particular portlet fragment using new custom config portlet mode
  • [JS2-809] - Add table schema aware datasource proxy
  • [JS2-834] - Automatically cleanup of the PortalURL: no navigational state in browser url


  • [JS2-786] - Tool for conversion preferences from database no-principal preferences to defaults preferences in psml pages