Uses of Interface

Packages that use PasswordCredential Jetspeed security service interfaces. 

Uses of PasswordCredential in

Methods in that return PasswordCredential
 PasswordCredential UserManager.getPasswordCredential(User user)
          Returns the current PasswordCredential for a User or a new one if the doesn't have one yet

Methods in with parameters of type PasswordCredential
 void UserManager.storePasswordCredential(PasswordCredential credential)
 boolean AlgorithmUpgradePasswordEncodingService.usesOldEncodingAlgorithm(PasswordCredential passwordCredential)

Uses of PasswordCredential in org.apache.jetspeed.sso

Methods in org.apache.jetspeed.sso that return PasswordCredential
 PasswordCredential SSOUserManager.getCredentials(SSOUser user)
          Retrieves the credentials for a SSO user

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