Jetspeed Single Signon

Jetspeed-2 (J2) Single Sign-on (SSO) feature is a credential store implemented as a component. It uses J2 security implementation for storing credentials. A management portlet allows the editing of SSO sites and remote credentials. It supports Basic Authentication and Form Based authentication and supports cookies.

The SSO Management feature enables you to create "single sign-on" access, a permission-based access to applications and underlying tools, which provides an added layer of security and administarative control of Jetspeed-2 content. SSO Management enables the Users of Groups (several Users initially defined in the Group Management tab) to sign-on a single time for jetspeed-2 portal and specified sites and databases.

SSOProxy Portlet

As the name indicates the SSOProxy portlet is the proxy between the portal and authenticated sites. In the preferences a user defines the destination page which might need authentication itself or has links to authenticated pages (inside or outside the portal).The SSOProxy Portlet authenticates all SSO sites for the user before it goes to the destination URL defined in the preferences. The SSOProxy keeps a cache of of the proxy client so that the authentication only takes place the first time.

SSO Provider service

The SSO Provider is a part of the jetspeed service framework and is available to any portlet and not just the SSOProxy Portlet. The component takes care of storing the sites and credentials and has an API to get content from a url.

SSO Management

The SSO management portlet helps to administer SSO credentials and assigning them to Portal Users.

The Portal Principal field may be populated by clicking on either the user icon or the group icon. A pop up window will display to allow you to select your user or group.